Laura Ann Rankin

My name is Laura Rankin, I am a full time Illustrator/Designer

with quite a few tricks up her sleeve.

My creative talents and services offered include:

  • Illustration & Cartoons / Digital & Traditional

  • Graphic Design

  • Video Editing / Photo Retouching

  • Social Media Advertising & Content Creation

  • Storyboarding

  • Custom Greeting Cards!

  • And I’m funny

Please contact me if you have any inquiries about me, my work or if you would like to work together!



Here are Some Projects I’ve been Lucky enough to work on.


ECD ‘Early Childhood Development’ Formerly ‘cut waste’


Shelving for Learning Material Off Cuts - Designed in Illustrator


‘Book Dash’


The best was acquiring books made by South African designers called through a wonderful program called ‘Book Dash’.

I had the pleasure of delivering the books to the primary school students and reading the story to them.

Each child received their own book to take home and has been set up with

Book Dash to receive more books as they come available.

This is ECD - ‘Early Childhood Development’ formerly known as ‘CUT WASTE’ by Barrows.

Barrows utilizes the empty spaces left on the paper and corrugate off cuts on their retail units made in South Africa.

The prints and shelving, to hold the learning materials, are then delivered to various schools all over South Africa.

I’ve had the pleasure of being apart of this wonderful program, created by Barrows, and designing the imagery for the shelving unit you see on the left.

As well as finding new schools locally in the City of cape town to receive the learning materials.

It was really rewarding delivering the learning material personally and spending time with the children at the schools in Cape Town.

Learning Material Off Cuts - Barrows


Though I don’t deliver the materials personally,

I know they are arriving in safe hands.


St. Pauls Primary School - Cape Town, Sa